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Vaughans Transmission & Auto Repair

Nate C.  

-  Just got a clutch installed In my tacoma by these guys. Solid quality work. Easy to work with and very affordable. I dig the family owned and run aspect of the shop. Thanks

​Charles S.

-  Best kept secret in Bay Area = Vaughans Transmission.  This is two generation family run business and they have the wisdom and experience to do the job right and make sure customers are satisfied.  They saved my car.  From the other reviews, you can tell these guys are smart, they know how to do the unusual too and do it well.  I have a first generation Mini Cooper with the infamous CVT transmission .. love the car but knew I was having telltale issues .. I called around where I live (in South Bay) and all I got was quotes to slap on a re-built unit at high cost .. I started calling Craigslist ads with my car for more ideas on where to fix .. finally found Vaughans.  After a few calls, I knew they knew what they were doing.  They actually re-built my transmission in-house and for a better price.  Amazing !  and nice people too.  Can't say enough good things .. Nobody likes transmission problems, but take it here and you will be satisfied you made the best choice and will turn out right.  = )

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David S.

-  I have a 2007 Range Rover- OK, that should tell you right there, that I know just through experience who is good and who is not. 

These guys are good- in fact they are very good. I had a new transmission put in, we had some dialing in but all was fine.  Car runs better then when I had it worked on  with the Monkey's at Marin Jag/Land-rover...   I had tree engines put in with them,on the same car so I know what i am talking about.

I would recommend that anyone that does not use these guys that you OK with  loosing money  and time.  They are good, fast, price is extremely competitive and they know what the hell they are doing on-top of it!!!  

They been great on the phone- even better in person!

They are very good!